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Our company was established in 1976. It specializes in:

  • Printing and processing flexible packaging materials

  • Manufacturing square-bottom paperbags

  • Printing and processing heat-shrinkable labes (SLEEVES)

Our company retains a leading position in its field, specializing in processing flexible packaging materials, such as paper, PP, PE, PVC and PET.

Our aim is to satisfy the needs and wishes of our clients, offering high-quality products and services. To this end, we pay grave attention to the methodization of our production and the consistent upgrading of our machinery. As a result, our production capabilities exceed 10 tones of printed material and 500.000 paperbags per day.

Our company consistently document the high quality of its products and services, implementing Quality Managment System ISO 9001: 2008, certified by Lloyds Register.

All of us working in the company, believe in the high-significance of packaging for promoting products. Consequently, we appreciate serving our clients at every stage of production, from the choice of the material and the graphic design, to the delivery of the goods, aiming to support their effort to achieve the best appearance for their product.

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